Our teachers

  • "Arabic Wherever" depends on selecting its teachers on two key elements which are efficiency and experience.
  • Efficiency means that all "Arabic Wherever" teachers are specialists in Arabic language and Islamic Studies either in Al-Azhar University or Arabic language and Islamic Studies colleges in different Egyptian universities.
  • Efficiency is also that our teachers are well educationally prepared in specialized institutes to be qualified well as an Arabic language teacher for the foreigners. These teachers also have general diploma and special diploma in this field. Additionally, Some of them have registered for master's study in the same field.
  • Efficiency is that teachers of Arabic language in our center have a good knowledge of English language; the thing that helps them in understanding their students and solving problems that face them during studying. It is the time to depend in those teachers in teaching Arabic language.
  • Experience is available in all of center's teachers. It is essential requirement for approving candidates in "Arabic Wherever" Center. Our teachers are native speakers who worked in teaching Arabic language in Egypt at classes or online. They have worked in that field with different African, Asian, European and American nationalities, too. This makes them to be trusted in creating an interesting and useful atmosphere and during the class.

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