Our Methodology

  • In learning process we follow two key methodologies which are the most famous in that field:
  • "Arabic Wherever" is one of the most famous books to teach Arabic language for foreigners. It is very suitable for Muslim students who desire in studying Arabic in order to understand Islamic culture to be able to study Islam and Fiqh after that when their level in Arabic language becomes stronger.
  • "Main Book" is also of the most famous books in teaching Arabic language for the non-native speakers. It is one of the books that a lot of Muslims and also non-Muslims learners of Arabic language desire to study it, especially that it is interested more in teaching contemporary Arabic language associated with Arabic culture. It is interested in talking about the nature of life in the Arab world and the nature of people and strategies in it…etc.
  • Egyptian colloquial: We can provide this type through lectures that are provided in our center and student can get it after the end of study if he wants so.
  • For special programs such as Arabic language used in media , tourism and work, we rely on making benefits from what have prepared in these programs such as subjects and word glossaries. We help our teachers in developing these programs and producing what is new in order to avoid stereotypes and repetition of topics.
  • For Islamic studies, Tajweed, memorizing Quran, Fiqh, and Sira – we are looking forward to the following:
  1.  Memorizing Quran: the Holy Book
  2. Tajweed: "Tayseer El Rhman" book is one of the easy books to be understood by students. It is arranged in an easy and clear way.
  3. 3- Fiqh: Manhaj Al Salekeen and clarifying Fiqh of Islam by Sheikh Saadi.
  4. 4-Sira: "Biography of the Prophet" book by Ibn Hisham.

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